Clients Say…

Joan Rivers, actor and comedian
Sallie Ann Glassman is my spiritual guide, my sounding board, my friend. She has very special powers that she uses to help people in need. I met her through the recommendation of a parapsychologist from NYU after being told that my apartment, as I suspected, was haunted. Sallie arrived in New York—white garb and paraphernalia in tow—and after an unusual night, she not only cleaned out my apartment but ALL the apartments in my WASP controlled building. It was unforgettable and extraordinary. Most importantly, it worked!

Martha Ward, Professor of Anthropology and Urban Studies, University of New Orleans, Author of “Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau”
Priestess Sallie Ann Glassman is linked to the long and laudable tradition of spiritual leaders in New Orleans. She is a ritual specialist and articulate interpreter of contemporary living Vodou. Through her work as an artist, entrepreneur, and author she draws our community and people from all over the world into the living breathing spirit world of New Orleans. Journalists, movie-makers, business people and visitors who want authentic and responsible answers to their questions about Vodou—call Sallie Ann Glassman first.

Lee Sophia Barclay, Client
I’ve received four crystal ball readings from Sallie Ann Glassman and have been increasingly impressed with her searing acuity of metaphysical vision, her stunningly beautiful and articulate presentation of divination, and her compassionate attendance to the delicacy of the questions asked…I have yet to ask a question that Manbo Glassman has failed to answer. More impressively, her answers transcend the realm of the mundane and material.