Healings, Treatments, & Altars

As an initiated Vodou priestess and registered minister, Sallie Ann Glassman is qualified to perform customized ceremonies such as:

· Blessings
· Weddings
· Healings
· House cleansings
· Spiritual baths
· Head washings
· Uncrossings / banishings

Sallie is also renowned for her assemblage art installations and altar constructions. She creates breathtaking and powerful altars for personal and public devotion.

She draws not only on her Haitian Vodou training, but also on her background in ceremonial magick and yoga. Ceremonies can be privately performed for you by Sallie Ann or by her full ensemble of initiated drummers, singers, and dancers. These are not performers, but actual Vodou practitioners—the real deal.

For pricing information or to make an appointment, please contact Sallie Ann Glassman, 504-948-9961.