Readings & Visionary Art

Sallie’s readings are extraordinary experiences. At the end of a reading, you feel complete awe at the mystery that Sallie has called forth. The lines between past and future have blurred, yet you feel emboldened to seek this mystery again, on your own. Sallie has the ability to return you to yourself.
~ Karen Lam, repeat customer and big fan, San Francisco, California

Readings are spiritual and insightful journeys of self-discovery. Sallie Ann Glassman uses her intuitive powers to help you initiate a life-changing process led from your higher self. Sallie conducts the reading through crystal ball divination.

Readings can be done in person at the shop (Island of Salvation Botanica), or by telephone. Fees are $95 per 1/2 hour, or $150 per hour. Call 504-948-9961 for an appointment.

Visionary art
A visionary painting is a container of spirit, a vision of the person’s soul. Sallie offers her gift of insight in a visionary painting based on your reading or her psychic impression of you. She captures your personal essence and evokes a vision of which spirit is guiding you. This is a beautiful and lasting complement to the reading.

Pastel painting, 15″x 20″ $400.00 Oil painting, 20″x24″ $900.00

Reading, Art and Talisman Package
A magical package that includes a reading, a visionary painting, and a gris-gris bag. A gris-gris bag is a magical power talisman created just for you by Sallie, highly decorated. The gris-gris bag helps you achieve your goals and protects you from harm. The visionary painting and gris-gris bag are personally made for you, based on the insights derived from the reading. $530—$1,000 depending on the painting medium and length of reading.