Speaking Engagements & Lectures

“Sallie Ann Glassman has been utterly steeped in the lore and wisdom of Vodou for more than 20 years. Her profound knowledge of Vodou comes from her highly developed spiritual intuition, from arduous study, and from active participation in ceremonies conducted by the most highly esteemed Haitian Vodou priests. Her most exceptional achievement, however, is her ability to lecture clearly, poetically, comprehensively, about Vodou.”
~ Dr. Andrew Antippas, Ph.D.

“Sallie Ann Glassman has played an instrumental role in the brand development of International House. She is both professional and creative. Not only did she assist us in naming our bar, loa, but has worked hand in hand with us in developing overnight packages that showcase the true flavor of New Orleans.”
~ Amy Reimer, General Manager, International House Hotel, New Orleans

Add an authentic flavor of New Orleans to your next meeting, conference or seminar.

Sallie Ann Glassman’s speaking engagements are multimedia events that are a feast for the senses. Both educational and stimulating, Sallie’s lectures can involve slide shows, art and Vodou ceremonies with music and dance. Sallie’s erudite knowledge of Vodou is always presented with heart and creativity. These lectures are guaranteed to electrify any audience.

Speaking engagements can be 1 hour to a full day in length, and are customized for your audience. Possible topics include:

· Vodou’s principles and practices
· History of Vodou in Louisiana Colony and Haiti
· Vodou’s influence on contemporary New Orleans culture
· Vodou and the Blues
· Vodou and assemblage art
· Vodou as a healing art
· Vodou: religion vs. magic
· Vodou Sequin Flags
· Establishing personal spiritual connection
· Spirituality and well being
· Spiritual healing for communities

Professional fees for speaking engagements begin at $1,000 for a one-hour speech. Please contact Sallie Ann Glassman at 504-948-9961 for further information.