Readers at the Island of Salvation Botanica

Sallie Ann offers crystal ball readings at $95/half hour or $150/hour. Sallie Ann Glassman uses her intuitive powers to help you initiate a life-changing process led from your higher self. Sallie conducts the reading through crystal ball divination. Sallie Ann offers readings by appointment only. Call 504-948-9961

Geoff offers a combination of psychic visions and tarot card divination to empower you to make informed choices and proceed with confidence in your daily life. Geoff is available for walk-in appointments during business hours at the Island of Salvation on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. He can also schedule appointments on other days of the week. These readings are $60/half hour or $120/hour. Call 504-948-9961

Fatima is an experienced psychic with a large fan base. She takes walk-ins on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is available by appointment other days of the week. Readings are $60/half hour or $120/hour. Call 504-948-9961


Friends of the Island of Salvation

Dr. Isidor offers readings, spiritual counseling, and workshops. Contact him at